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    03 Common Questions
    click I'd like to know how GoodAqua Tumbler works
    Tumbler incorporates 3 step filtration technology. First, particles as small as 0.5 ㎛ are mechanically removed as water goes into the filter media. Second, micro-organisms in the cleared water such as virus, bacteria and protozoa will be removed by electropositive attraction. Lastly, chlorine, bad smell or odor, some heavy metals such as lead and mercury will be reduced by active carbon filter providing clean and safe water to drink.

    click Are all materials used in the Tumbler safe for humans?
    Yes, they are. Including the TritanTM container, all materials are food grade BPA Free and are completely safe to drink from.

    click How long does a filter cartridge last?
    The lifespan of the filters is dependent on the quality of your water source. High levels of sediment in the water will shorten the lifespan of the filters. 400 liters is the maximum capacity of when Tumbler is used with clear water such as tap water. Use beyond the filter capacity diminishes filtration effectiveness and may result in drinking unsafe water. When you continue to sense unpleasant taste or odor in the filtered water or if water flow rate is noticeably slower than usual then it's time to replace the filter cartridge.

    click I'm unfamiliar with the way to use Tumbler. Any good tips?
    Flow rate of Tumbler is slower than an ordinary water bottle as water passes throught the filters. Specially when you use Tumbler for the first time or when the filters are dry, you need to prime the filters first. Taking several quick-sips will help to get water flowing. Once the filters are saturated, it will be as easy as drinking through a straw.

    click How can I replace the filters in my Tumbler?
    You can replace the whole filter cartridge which is composed of active carbon filter & nano plus filter

    click How do I remove and/or install a filter cartridge?
    You can remove the filter cartridge by twisting and pulling it out of the lid. When installing, firmly twist and push filter cartridge into the bottom of the lid with the spout cap opened until the red o-rings on top are not visible.

    click Can I use the filter cartridge to filter liquids other than water?
    No. Doing this will affect the lifespan and performance of the filters

    click Can I use the filter cartridge on sea water?
    No. Salt water contains ions like magnesium and sodium that our filters are not effective against

    click Can I put my Tumbler in the microwave or freezer?
    No. The recommended operating temperature is 1℃~50℃ (34℉~122℉). Use beyond this range may affect the performances of the filters or material safety. Specially, if it's exposed to freezing temperature when wet water inside can freeze and crack the filters.

    click What should I do if my Tumbler freezes?
    For safety, we recommend changing with new filter cartridge if it was used and the filters were wet

    click How do I clean and maintain my Tumbler?
    It's important to wash all components with clean water and dry after daily use. You shouldn’t use soap or other cleaning agents to wash the filters but you can wash other components with mild dish soap. Separate the two filters from the cartridge, rinse with clean water only and let them dry overnight. How you maintain your Tumbler will affect the lifespan and performance of the filters. When storing for an extended period, you need to separate, clean and thoroughly dry all compontents before storing.

    click Is the Tumbler dishwasher safe?
    Only plastic components are top rack dishwasher safe. Do not place the filters in the dishwasher or in soapy water. The heat of the dishwasher could possibly damage the filters.

    click Can I use soap on the filters?
    Do not wash filters with soap or other cleaning agents. You may rinse them with clean water as needed.

    click What is activated carbon?
    Carbon is activated with heat and oxygen to create tiny pores, which increases the surface area. Activated carbon adsorbs a wide range of impurities such as various heavy metals, organic molecules and industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals. GoodAqua Tumbler incorporates a compressed carbon block filter made of the coconut activated carbon and polymer PE binder which are mixed, thermally compressed and formed


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